Send money to Sri Lanka and receive more on each transfer!

Transferring money was never this rewarding. The more you send, the more you earn! Transfer above 20,000 LKR and earn minimum of 1,000 LKR. Hurry! Limited time offer only!


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Incentive Scheme has been launched by the Government of Sri Lanka and is subject to the operating instructions issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
  2. Until 30th April , beneficiaries of international remittances in Sri Lanka will receive LKR 10 on every USD 1 (converted into LKR) and 1000 LKR on transactions above 20,000 LKR
  3. The incentive scheme is only applicable on international remittances received by beneficiaries in cash or in bank account via licensed banks in Sri Lanka.
  4. For remittances sent in any currency other than USD, licensed banks in Sri Lanka shall derive the USD amount for calculation/ payment of incentives as per instructions of Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
  5. Senders can make multiple transfers to their beneficiaries in Sri Lanka during the incentive period.
  6. The incentive scheme is valid on transfers to beneficiaries in Sri Lanka from all countries and only valid on P2P remittances
  7. MoneyGram is not involved in the payment of the incentives. For any queries/ disputes on the incentive scheme and/or incentive calculation, beneficiaries should reach out to their banks in Sri Lanka.